★★★★ “Rebuilding the World Trade Center isn’t just the documentation of the tallest building in NYC, but a homage to the world of its construction workers who work so high up that they can almost ‘see the earth’s curve’.”  – The Arts Desk

★★★★★ “Beautiful to look at and a powerful testimony to the immense human endeavor involved in creating some of the tallest buildings in the world.”   – The Mail

★★★★ “An immense artistic project.”   – The Star

★★★★ “Stunning.”  – The Daily Mail

★★★★ “This film is about more than just a rebuilding job … It’s also about the human stories behind the challenge.”  – Daily Express

“A story of epic architecture and engineering, but it is also a film that is full of humanity, giving a voice to the construction workers.”  – The Times

“Be amazed as you witness a huge artistic project that captures what [Robinson] describes as ‘a universal act of healing’.”   – The Observer 

“An epic undertaking.”  – The Guardian


Rebuilding is an eclectic art project that brings together 35mm time-lapse film and an ever evolving series of drawings and paintings captured directly from life on site. Marcus Robinson’s work explores and celebrates the rebuilding of the World Trade Center from a personal artistic perspective. A television version was screened on Channel 4 in the UK in 2013 and a  full length feature film will be released when the site is completed.  A major art exhibition bringing together the entire collection of paintings and multi screen film installation will be opening at the same time as a celebration of the rebuilding and reflection of the human spirit.

Marcus Robinson has been working on the project for the last 10 years and it is very much a labour of love and artistic dedication.
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Photo by Allan Tannenbaum © 2013
(Top photo by Marcus Robinson © 2011)